I am ‘FlyEmma’ if we’re talking superheroes or EmMosa 1st if it’s Egyptian Queens…

We had that discussion at breakfast today that I think most of us have had either as a drunken student round a pub table or with our children as I did today. ‘Mum, if you were a superhero, what would your special power be?’ We discussed what we’d call ourselves first (very important to think through possible costume ideas which then can dictate what your name would be) I said I’d be ‘FlyEmma’ and would be able to fly into people’s rooms and listen to what they were saying. This met with totally blank looks from both Oliver and Henry. Oliver said ‘why would that be a power?’ Henry then said he would be a spaceship and shoot people –very typical for him- and Oliver said he would have lazer eyes, lots of lots of arms and he could be invisible. I noticed that the boys’ powers were, mainly, to be judged in terms of strength and physical power in the traditional sense, those who could run the fastest, were the strongest, and could shoot the most. I then took the boys back to my power; listening to people, and then floated the idea that hearing all sorts of information might be a power too, Oliver got this and said you could learn things about people; Henry still wanted to shoot them…

The conversation then moved on to ‘What would your Egyptian Pharaoh name be?’ I said EmMosa the 1st and Oliver said ‘Valiant the 3rd!’ We cleared up the dishes and went shopping.

I thought about this all day and when hubbie came home Oliver and I asked him what his power would be, he said ‘to see into the future’ Oliver seemed a little more impressed and I thought that was quite a clever answer. Again, not a physical power but a more abstract idea that even the smallest thing can be powerful given the right circumstances. This made me remember a friend asking the superhero power question on her facebook profile and lots of her friends gave the standard answers like Oliver and Henry had, though maybe not as specific as Henry’s (!), but one of her friends, a breastfeeding mum, really made me sit up and take notice. When asked what her superpower would be she replied,

‘I have a superpower,

I can make milk….

Beat that!


About littlewhitecottage

Emma is a qualified teacher with 14 years of teaching in many different settings. From teaching adults and children at a music school to choosing to work in a demanding primary school that was failing (which meant moving from an outstanding school – her colleagues were aghast!) to running her own sewing business for the last 5 ½ years teaching all ages how to sew: Emma loves to teach.
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