Peace at last… (Or not!)

Last night the boys went to bed 3hrs later than they usually did. After a fab meal with my brother and his family the children played, we talked and somehow it got to half past 8! By the time we’d got home, got jammies on, washed teeth etc. it was around 9 oclock. The boys were shattered, so was I and I stupidly thought that a lie in might be possible…

I went to bed around 10.30ish and whilst I’m missing Hubbie (he’s away) it is a little luxurious to have the big king sized bed to myself. I read a bit, stretched a bit and then turned out the light and pretty soon fell into a fabulous sleep.

…until 11.45pm when Toby was moaning. He’s a moaner in his sleep that won’t stop if you leave him so I got out of bed went into his room and calmed him. He was upset over his leg hurting but I’m not sure even he knew what he was talking about. I found him a teddy that he grabbed and snuggled up with. I went back to bed and was gently snoozing…

…until I could hear a beeping sound.

I sat up, looked around me trying to find out what the beeping sound was. Now I have trained ears in that I was musician who at points in her past has listened to 4 parts of music and could identify each part of the music and written it down (this was for tests I didn’t so this for fun) I had been taught for years to listen, to differentiate and by God my ears can do it well. I just wish I could turn them off occasionally so the dripping shower, clicking noises and such like that don’t bother Hubbie would stop driving me mad.

I found the cause of the beep, it was the phone that I’d taken to bed and put on my bedside table (I say table but it’s really the old tripp trap chair from one of the boys, they are fabulous to put your drink on and magazines when you’re fed up of stubbing your toe on them in the kitchen) Now I know I had 2 choices as to what to do with the phone and taking it downstairs and putting it into its cradle so it could charge would have been the better one but I was too warm, too comfy and didn’t do that. Instead I decided to bury it under the pillows. Hubbie wasn’t there so why not. I settled down and thought I’d won until I heard the beep again. I got out of bed somewhat annoyed and then found a towel, wrapped it in the towel and then put it at the bottom of the linen basket in the bathroom. I also shut the door. Aha! It worked. I couldn’t hear it anymore and so I began to s-n-o-o-z-e….

…until 4.45am when Toby decided to moan again. Out of bed I got into his room, snuggling him down with an extra blanket, giving him a kiss in between mumbles of ‘Mummy loves you!’ I snuck out and shut the door. I felt weary, not optimistic for the rest for the ‘night’ as it would only be 2hrs ish that Henry would wake up and come into my room and ask ‘is it morning time yet?’

5.55am it said on the clock when I heard Toby again. I went into his room and got him out of bed and brought him in with me. Usually this would be considered a treat but I think he sensed my mood and decided this time it would be a challenge. A challenge to see how far he could push me before I snapped. He brought with him his beloved Land rover (metal toy car) which he then decided it would be brilliant fun to drive up and down the wooden headrest. I looked at him with an air of utter disgust but he took this as a sign of success and I swear I heard him say under his breath ‘She’s gunna blow..!’

Henry came in around 7ish; he had a lay in –yay! LUCKY HIM!!! He looked fresh and wanted a snuggle with his Mummy but Toby had other plans. Toby is the cute one who likes to pick at a scab of an idea. He thought kicking Henry would be fun and so the near fighting started. I got a foot in the face and decided that enough was enough and I should face the fact that I wasn’t getting anymore sleep. I got up went to the bathroom, looked at the linen basket – oh my life I really did put the phone in the linen basket as I found it dead nestling in between a towel and some dirty washing (nice I hear you say!) Looking out of the window into the rainy garden I saw a pair of ducks asleep on the lawn looking all smug and serene. I have never been so jealous of anything before in my life…

I feel awful. My eyes are dry and feel like my bags could touch my upturned smile should I actually choose to smile at all today and the rain that means ‘the kids are going to go stir crazy’ isn’t filling me with any enthusiasm for the day. I’m not built to miss sleep now. I’m past the baby stage and stop producing ‘go to sleep and wake up feeling amazing no matter how many times you wake in the night’ hormones that got me through 5 years of sleepless nights over 3 children. I’m used to 7-8hrs again now and I can’t function if I don’t get it. My mood swings tremendously and even if the sun were shinning my mood would make everything feel that is was tinged with a shade of grey, oh roll on tonight when I can go back to bed…

I feel like I’ve taken part in real life depiction of Jill Murphy’s ‘Peace at Last’ where poor Father Bear tires to sleep but everything wakes him up. I look as crap as him this morning. I’ve decided that Toby is seeing me too much of a target or easy prey today and so we’re all off out To Hampton Court Palace (or King Henry’s house as it’s known in our family on account of Henry walking round and telling everyone who would listen last time we visited ‘This is MY house, I’M Henry!!) I love it there and I think they’re lighting the fires in the kitchens so that’s just made my day as I have a (strange Hubbie thinks) habit of looking up every chimney in any place we go to that has an open fire. I love them, the smell, the age and the history.

Anyway, back to the lack of sleep. Tonight I’m going to put cream on Toby’s foot, put a plaster on it too to pre-empt any meanings of fictitious ‘my foot hurts!’, I’m going to go to bed earlier but I’m also going to put the bloody phone on charge where it belongs, make sure the shower doesn’t drip, turn off the outside light, make sure I have a glass of water so I can just s-l-e-e-p.

Wish me luck..!


About littlewhitecottage

Emma is a qualified teacher with 14 years of teaching in many different settings. From teaching adults and children at a music school to choosing to work in a demanding primary school that was failing (which meant moving from an outstanding school – her colleagues were aghast!) to running her own sewing business for the last 5 ½ years teaching all ages how to sew: Emma loves to teach.
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2 Responses to Peace at last… (Or not!)

  1. Linda says:

    Thank goodness it doesnt just happen to me!! You have made my day, girl power will get us through the day!
    Good luck Linda x

  2. cara says:

    Awww, Emma, One day they’ll all grow up and you’ll wake up and miss them all terribly. I do.

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