How to be a Knight part 1 – Armour!

We’ve been looking at ‘How to be a Knight’ this week and the boys decided that the first thing you needed as a Knight was armour. We read books about knights and Tobes and hen thought that anyone without armour couldn’t really call themselves a knight so I popped off to the local supermarket and got some wine boxes as these are the perfect size for them and it wouldn’t need to much hacking with a pair of scissors.

Here’s how we made them…







I cut the back and front off the wine boxes.








I cut a semi-circle out for their head to fit through and also to shape it round their neck to make it more comfortable to wear. I then cut 2 long rectangles to use as shoulder straps and also to attach the front to the back.






I used double sided sticky tape –great for the boys to peel off as it is a little difficult. Tobes found it way easier than Hen.







We attached the straps as per the photo.







Not the bets photo (it is hard to show something that needs two hands when you are taking your own photos!) but I then manipulated the straps through my hands to soften up the part that goes over the shoulder. This makes it curve rather than stick out.







The boys then stapled the straps on to add security. (It also gives another fine motor skill for them to use their hands for)






Here’s the cut out armour.








We then drizzled white PVA glue all over the front part of the armour and the boys used their hands to spread the glue about – they LOVED this bit!






We then rolled out the tinfoil and stuck it onto the glue card. This was great for the boys to estimate how much they’d need, measure against the card and also judge their success.








They folded over the tinfoil and then spread glue on the other part.








I’d had a play with the tinfoil previously as I wanted to see if you could indent the tinfoil with a pattern. The richer knights, to show their wealth, had lots of decoration on their armour and this was something I was keen to do with the boys.








Here’s Tobes using the wrong end of a paint brush (it’s rounded and blunt enough to leave an impression other things may rip the tinfoil) to add his own decoration. He wanted to be a very rich knight so he took a while!







Here’s my very scary knights on their trusty steeds (bikes!). You’ll see that Henry has no tinfoil on his armour and that’s because he wanted to be the black knight and was very happy with his armour just the way it was. They can get their armour on and off by themselves so whilst this isn’t the most sophisticated costume it is one they’ve made themselves and they can use totally by themselves.

Knights need to practise their skills and so do my Knights…








…so I set up a ‘jousting’ target for them to ride their bikes up to and knock down. This was great fun and they spent ages playing together. I love Tobes’ tongue sticking out in concentration!

They had great fun making these and have been using them a lot I think because they are very proud of what they’ve made. Ollie now wants one for himself (he’s 8!) so we’re on the hunt for larger boxes for him.

We’re next going to be looking at the chivalry part of being a Knight so I think my next blog will be on how we get on with that.


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Emma is a qualified teacher with 14 years of teaching in many different settings. From teaching adults and children at a music school to choosing to work in a demanding primary school that was failing (which meant moving from an outstanding school – her colleagues were aghast!) to running her own sewing business for the last 5 ½ years teaching all ages how to sew: Emma loves to teach.
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