Starting school…

Today my youngest ‘started school’ which although isn’t strictly true is nonetheless exciting for him. Tobes has started nursery so as far as he is concerned he gets to wear the uniform, the black school shoes (that aren’t worn anywhere else) and to proudly carry the book bag with the school crest on into his classroom. He’s only doing mornings but that still makes him part of the gang and when you’ve spent 3 years being outside the gang of your 2 brothers this morning’s smile as he ran into greet his teacher was a metaphorical ‘Yesssss!’ with accompanying punch of the air. He’s made it. He’s a school boy…

My middle son, Henry, is starting reception and enters the world of full time school for the first time so he is, technically, really the one starting school today. He was a mixture of nervous excitement which meant that he just couldn’t eat his breakfast which I know means that having lunch ready as soon as he got home was highly important as the only worse thing than a tired Henry is a hungry Henry. A beast very scary indeed. He’s longingly looked at his blazer hanging in the wardrobe over the summer holidays and has really wanted to join the ranks of confirmed schoolboy with the proper ‘daddy’ shirt (with buttons and everything) and also the coveted blazer. Nursery boys don’t wear the blazer or shirt so this is another step up the hierarchy that’s so important to young children. A new sports bag that was heavier and harder to carry was not moaned about this morning though I know that will change! To be different from your little brother but nearer your older brother was worth the struggle.

My eldest son went back into year 4. He was excited to get started. A new (really large!) sports bag meant he’d moved nearer to the older boys and was different to his younger brothers. I helped him though as it really is massive.

I waved them all off with many kisses and choruses of ‘Mummy loves you!!’ and they all settled and didn’t really look back. I thought I would feel sad but I didn’t as I know this is what they want as they are raring to get going with it all. I’m pleased this is exciting for them and happy there’s no trauma but I do have a few more empty hours to fill each day. The house is deathly silently doubly so after 8 weeks of them all being at home. We’ve had mock battles and dramatic deaths, room moves and days out in between all the rain. They’ve loved (and hated) each other in equal measure but mostly they’ve wrestled on the floors of the house and the grass outside. I’ve learned that this is what boys do and my boys are great at it and I was surprised there were only a few real punches thrown.

So my house is quiet. I have 3 hours each day to myself. Does this mean that for the first time in my life I will be the perfect housewife and the house will shine like a new pin? I very much doubt it! I think we’ll still carry on the ‘not dirty but not tidy’ kind of living we’ve always done. Hubbie’s adage of ’10 mins from tidiness’ really is true and it’s amazing what you can get 3 small boys to do in such a small space of time…

I will sew more, that’s a given, but I do need to find my own term time life. I am getting a bit of me back so I need to work out what to do with it. Working full time would mean paying for childcare which would mean no income from paying for childcare so there being little point. So sewing it is but also writing more as I love to write but do need silence. I’m going to blog more under different themes and on regular days. I want to produce more items to sell and try to take on more bespoke work too.

My boys still very much need me but they are beginning their own lives too. I’m not sad that my life will change because of this but I do know that I need to fill my days with something otherwise I may find myself living my life through theirs and micromanaging their every move. Yes they need me but they don’t want me to be needy as I do believe that needy parents run the risk of losing their children entirely at the first chance of escape. This is a huge change for us all and one that, for me anyway, needs a bit of thinking about.

So you may see more blogs appearing and on regular days too. I want to write more tutorials as I love being able to show to other people how to make things themselves, as Hubbie once said ‘You’d still do all this even if you won the lottery wouldn’t you..’ and he’s right I would.

Today was the day when 2 of my boys started school in their different ways but it was also the day when I started my new term time life. The baby stage has gone and I’m okay with that. I have 3 amazing young boys to help steer through the next stage of their lives and I can’t wait to get started…


About littlewhitecottage

Emma is a qualified teacher with 14 years of teaching in many different settings. From teaching adults and children at a music school to choosing to work in a demanding primary school that was failing (which meant moving from an outstanding school – her colleagues were aghast!) to running her own sewing business for the last 5 ½ years teaching all ages how to sew: Emma loves to teach.
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3 Responses to Starting school…

  1. JellyBean says:

    I’m not a mum, but I wanted to cry reading this. Wonderful, can’t wait to read more! I hope your boys enjoyed their first morning/ day of school! Lots of love Jellybean xx

  2. Sarah Harvey says:

    what an emotive read (again) We too have experienced something similar. Our Ollie started reception, Josh started yr 1 and lovely Joe, after a year of having his brother at pre-school with him, returned there today on his own and newly potty trained )scary stuff). I thought today would be tough, but Josh and Ollie skipped in, happy with their independence and Joe was just Joe, took it in his stride and got on with it. I too am looking very forward to getting some me time and catching up on sewing, avoiding housework and trying to be a more chilled mommy. Look forward to having time to read your more regular blogs x

  3. Anna says:

    Great comments Emma, I am also wondering what term time life holds. I want to be there when the kids need me and to be fully involved in school life. I feel the start of a new chapter. I have shed the plastic ikea cutlery and plastic cups, they are growing up and I don’t want to hold them back and ‘baby’ them. I am looking forward to having some time to get housework done without the usual panic and doing some exercise, without having to squeeze everything in- Am hoping this makes for a more relaxed mummy who is fun to be around rather than pulling my hair out constantly. Also managing to squeeze in a small business venture with buddies wink wink. Today I had some quality time with Charlie and we had a giggle, which,I realised hadn’t happened for a while. He is so full on that having him around constantly is HARD work but just having that couple of hours release this morning let me enjoy him for his fun outgoing side. Bring on the future 🙂

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