Paper craft 4 – Flowers

Here’s how to make a bunch of flowers using leftover magazine paper…


Take apart an old magazine…


Take 1 sheet of paper and cut it in half…


Roll it up starting with the widest part of the paper.


Cut a little bit of double sided sticky tape and put it on the edge of the paper. (You can use ordinary sellotape doubled over to make double sided sticky tape)


All rolled and stuck. The first stem.


…the second one is finished.


Get another page from the magazine to make the petals.


Fold it in half.


Fold it in half again.


In half again…


…and in half again!


Draw a petal shape on the folded paper and cut out.


Here’s the cut out petals.


Here they are arranged very prettily (see I am easily distracted!) You get a lot from one cut.


Take one of the petals and put a little bit of the double sided sticky tape on it.


Stick another petal to it and add another bit of double sided sticky tape and keep adding the petals.


Here’s a flower head all made.


Take a button and add double sided sticky tape to the middle of the flower.


Stick the button in the middle of the flower head.


Take the stalk and add more double-sided sticky tape ready to stick the flower to it.


Here’s the finished flower!


You can make lots out of one magazine with different coloured buttons for the middles. Cut the stalks to different lengths to have different height flowers and you can also vary the size of the petals to make larger and smaller flower heads. If you’re feeling like you’d like lots then you could make your very own flower shop for your little ones. Add prices, a till and some play (or real) money to have a different sort of play shop. Or you can just use them as decoration in your home as I have; these are now in my workroom hanging from the window!


About littlewhitecottage

Emma is a qualified teacher with 14 years of teaching in many different settings. From teaching adults and children at a music school to choosing to work in a demanding primary school that was failing (which meant moving from an outstanding school – her colleagues were aghast!) to running her own sewing business for the last 5 ½ years teaching all ages how to sew: Emma loves to teach.
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One Response to Paper craft 4 – Flowers

  1. tkmorin says:

    Wow! Thank you not only for the great idea, but also for taking the time and energy of posting pics for each stage. 🙂

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