The workroom

A place to learn new skills, to pass on advice and to show others what you can do, all in the name of making beautiful things.

Below are the online courses you can join in with. Full colour, step-by-step photos with clear instructions that have been tried and tested by lots of lovely ladies. If you get stuck or need any advice please do post on the page where the instructions are or post on the main facebook page and I will do my best to help.

Here is a link to my online sewing machine course

‘Make Friends With Your Sewing Machine’

It takes you the complete basics of using your sewing machine and has a first project of making a sew card.!/event.php?eid=158260857570705

Here is a link to my online course

‘Make a Patchwork Cushion’

Designed to take you from basic sewing leading you gently to sew your own cushion including learning how to insert a concealed zip!/event.php?eid=184909631527512

Here is a link to my online course

‘Come and Learn How To Crochet’

Full colour photos with instuctions right from the very beginning. My lovelies have created lovely blankets from using these instructions.!/event.php?eid=106667732740628

More courses will be coming, if you’ve an idea for a course or would like to help create a course then please do email

I look forward to seeing what you create!


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